Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sticky moments

All a bit humid today! 24C and the continued threat of heavy rain which didn't quite materialise.

As usual (!), not much to report on the bird front - immature Great Northern Diver offshore again, as well as a lot of Puffins and 350+ moulting Eiders. Elsewhere, nearly stood on a Snipe, and had a brief glimpse of a Lesser Whitethroat, always a bit of a bonus after they've stopped singing. A fly-over Buzzard caused a bit of a panic among the gulls and waders, but I would have preferred a Marsh Harrier.

Managed to miss a Spotted Flycatcher yesterday while on a day off and today, got intriguing reports of a "large upright white bird, smaller than a heron" allegedly seen this morning - apparently not an egret. Better not have been another Spoonbill, 'cos I missed it...

A tiny policeman...


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