Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What are these people on??

Not much to report on the Reserve front at the moment, apart from our second brood of Shelducks, apparently of 18 chicks! I say apparently, because in previous years there has certainly been mass adoptions/kidnappings of young. Suffice to say there were 5 large young with 2 adults, and 18 with another 2 adults. How it will all look tomorrow is anyone's guess!

Sad to read today that the EC is about to permit resumption of the North Sea sandeel fishery. Ok, so there has been mass failures of breeding seabirds all along the east coast of the UK, Orkney and Shetland, and a huge reduction in stocks of cod, haddock and other fish species in the area over the last few years. Allowing the industrial catching of the species at the bottom of the food chain (ie sandeels) is bound to lead to a recovery in the fortunes of all the seabird and fish populations . Isn't it?


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