Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunny Sundays

There used to be a character in "Viz" magazine called "The Parkie" (maybe there still is?). His catchphrase was along the lines of "I hate the b*****d sun 'cos all the b*****d scum come out". How true. Planes, microlites, helipcopters, dogs running about, folk wandering around disturbing innocent wildlife, and to cap it all, some arse who decided to drive his fancy pick-up onto the mudflats rather than walk the 100 yards to collect his kids...

Surprisingly, it was a pretty good day bird-wise. Finally got my first House Martin of the year, and a couple of Puffins offshore. Bizarrely, a few minutes later, a Little Auk flew past heading rapidly east. In a strong westerly at the end of April?? That would get thrown out by the rarities committee if it was on the list! This afternoon, a Little Tern appeared, fishing on the outgoing tide. Didn't get any last spring so that's a decent record. That's the Reserve list up to 125 now...



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